Arostocrat II

Arostocrat II


​Karyn Hitchman Painter in Oils & Children’s book Illustrator.
After many years of working in the fashion industry as a designer and pattern-maker, then several years of guiding tourists on the mountain trails of New Zealand’s South Island, Karyn is inspired by these and the things around her. Therefore she loves painting colour, texture, nature and she loves painting people. Karyn is a self taught artist, as well as having taken lessons with some of her much admired fellow artists.

Her current series “The Aristocrats” tells a story of our ancestors and the excesses of the time of Louis XVI. Karyn imagines the portraits hanging in your living rooms and hallways, displayed as if they are your own ancestors.
Karyn’s paintings are found in galleries and private collections in New Zealand and other countries around the world.

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Oil in canvas

900mm x 750mm


Karyn Hitchman


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