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Autumn Lake


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600 Diameter


  “I grew up living in the middle of an English wood, where my brother and I spent most of our time making dens and treehouses. It is undoubtedly this experience that created my fascination with painting trees.  I would stand for ages with both hands on a tree, trying to see if there really are tree spirits. I believe there are.
  I studied fine art, textiles and then a BA hons in Illustration in the UK; all of which directed me into the way I paint now. After years of traveling I moved to New Zealand ten years ago, and got lost in the diversity of the landscapes that I was surrounded by.
  From doodling intricate ball point pen drawings to loose wash water colours; I’ve always been trying to capture the images that I see.  As time has progressed, the tree  and nature paintings that I create have taken on life of their own; I try to push new boundaries of perception and dimension to the eye. I recreate the texture of bark with modelling paste and other ‘secret’ mediums that are tactile and 3-dimensional, giving the paintings a sense of realism that draws the viewer in further.
  I’m endlessly fascinated with using different techniques to recreate the vibrant colours I see in nature.
  Painting and art is my passion; it’s all I ever want to do. The tree paintings are an extension of that passion.”


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