Sue MacDougall

Ester Solo IV


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600mm Diameter

I like to explore the nature of time, the meaning of now and the part that entropy plays in the universe. While I can be found trying to make sense of articles about fundamental matter, my awareness of the brevity of human lifespan means that the human form is often to be found somewhere in many of my works.It may just be an outline, or a shadow, the suggestion of a face, or of the spirit in which I do not believe; in other cases it is more tangible and solid. I speculate about what people might be thinking about, their own belief systems and the impossibility of ever knowing for sure the state of any other mind. I am fascinated by the effect of random events on our lives and the impossible odds that allowed us to be here in the first place.

I am particularly interested the boundary between painting and sculpture; some of my works  are clearly the one; some the other but many are a mixture: three dimensional works that are painted, two dimensional works that are do not take the classic rectangular form. I am drawn to irregular shapes, changeable outlines, frayed edges and ambiguous colours.  I work in a variety of media including paint, resin, plastics, Jesmonite, fibreglass fabric and papier-mâché and have been influenced by artists who have chosen to work in unconventional and abject materials


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