Green Expectations


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Size 1100mm Wide x 1300mm High

What’s the process of how you paint your images?

I start off with generic – trees for example as it resonates for me to paint something of nature… sometimes an urban landscape. Then I am painting emotion to tell the story of the image.… an empty space might portray a longing;  trees in the horizon with water… maybe that’s me looking far off to the distance… It’s a personal narrative. A process of working out the observation, taking in the details, my own conversation with my soul.

What is your technique?

Oil on canvas… some of it is print making… the works are extremely layered… maybe 20 layers. When I consider colour I am exploring how I can get for example the different variations  of green… or yellow… there will be many layers of  paint to get exactly what I want… and there are more colours underneath even then…sometimes I might even partially remove some layers. I can keep working for months on a painting to balance the colours to express the image / idea I am after.

Angus Collis


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